Archive of Technical Manuals For every machine and every device mentioned in this website there needs to be a technical manual for its operation and maintenance. At this time (July 2014) there are no manuals for any of them. In fact, there are not definite plans with resources to produce prototypes, much less tested products with instructions.  When manuals are finally published there is no certainty that they will be made available to the public or to this website.  Hopefully they will be available to the real Mars pioneers. In this sad state of un-readiness, we will post those manuals that we can identify for existing devices that may serve as surrogates for the real machines that will be developed.


Archive of Updates This is a history of “Updates” that that were first published on the home page to announce significant events. They are filed in reverse chronological order.


Archive of Messages from Earth These are the old email messages to IonMars and his replies that first appeared under this title until the messages became too long for the space.  They have been edited to eliminate extraneous symbols and grammatical errors. Criticism is kept, as it is the most valuable learning tool.  However, vulgarities or harangues that have no clearly defined point of error or contention are edited or dropped. Messages are filed in reverse chronological order.